Burnham heating products are manufactured in the United States in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They are one of the largest manufacturers of indirect water heating systems and boiler systems in the world. Their employees are committed to provide products that are reliable and energy efficient and provide their customers with efficient ways to heat water in their home. Their Burnham Alliance indirect fired water heater provides an energy efficient way to provide homes with an endless supply of hot water.

Burnham Boilers & HVAC Products

Burnham boilers provide for all the hot water needs associated with radiant heating applications whether it is radiators or under floor heating systems. Installing both systems in your home can provide the most energy efficient way to not only provide for your hot water needs but for your heating needs as well. Burnham prides itself on offering products that are cost effective from when they are purchased as well as the entire lifetime of the product in the home. No matter what your needs are for hot water or heating in your home, Burnham has a system that will provide you with the best products money can buy. For complete information on all of Burnham’s products as well as Burnham Alliance pricing, contact your local plumbing or HVAC professional or visit eComfort.com.